Nick Jabin is a Cincinnati raised Activist and Humanitarian. Most importantly he is public advocate for Cincinnati. Nick has good work ethic and strategy and is working to give the people back their voice. he has been walking the streets of Cincinnati for almost two years, aiding and taking care of the homeless and people of Cincinnati. In his mission he aspires for all people who want to be better to be better. He started a clothing brand non-profit a year ago called change clothing to fund his mission on the streets of Cincinnati.

Nick has a big agenda when it comes to bringing the poverty level down, that starts with getting as many homeless people of the streets of Cincinnati as he can and giving them a 2nd chance at life, in a housing facility of some type provided by the city a newly formed treatment and recovery center.


Nicks Agenda for Cincinnati is to bring equal and fairer housing plans to the city by implementing laws for making it illegal for housing to be overpriced in low income neighborhoods, also by bringing a lot more affordable housing back to the city.


Nick wants to provide cheaper transportation services to the public by putting more money back into public services allowing for low bus fair and more free metro pass'​s.